The CNBC-TV18 AUTOCAR AUTO AWARDS are the pre-eminent awards in the Indian automobile space. Over the last 5years the awards have proved to be the benchmarks for auto excellence in India.Presenting this award are two experts in their own categories, CNBC-TV18 and Autocar India.

Autocar is a pioneer in the systematic evaluation of cars. It was the first company to introduce the concept of a 'road test' 75 years ago and one that has established itself as a benchmark by which every new car is judged. Autocar has exhaustive test data as well as the accumulated experience of testing 4,500 cars worldwide.

In keeping with our focus on the automotive industry and its contribution to the growth and industrial and consumer dynamism in the country, we take great pleasure in presenting the 6th edition of our prestigious awards in this sector - the CNBC TV-18 Autocar Auto Awards 2006.

If 2005 was a year of tremendous growth; year 2006 will be remembered for the multi million-dollar investment ventures that were announced not only by the domestic biggies but also by global giants as well. The year 2006 brought a new light of optimism for the industry where goliaths like Suzuki, Renault, GM, Volkswagen and Honda declared their investment plans for India. Another compelling testimony to India's growing importance is its emergence as an International production hub and an advancing market. Interestingly, its not only volume car makers who want a share of the Indian pie, but also luxury majors such as Audi and Rolls Royce, which have made forays to tap into the great Indian auto opportunity.

This edition of the awards seeks to recognize & reward exemplary performance in the industry in 2006 basis a comprehensive set of attributes including design, technology, value, product experience and so on. Since inception, the processes and expertise behind these awards ensure that they truly reflect the choices & sentiment of all stakeholders and justify their stature as benchmarks in Auto excellence. Not surprisingly, the CNBC TV-18 Autocar Autoawards are the most trusted word on automobiles for consumers, manufacturers and auto experts alike. This year will be another valuable addition to that legacy.
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